0 = Nothing in your perception of the object was generally or specifically accurate.

+1 = One or two general things from your perception correlated with the object or owner's life.

+2 = Several specific things from your perception correlated with the object or owner's life.

+3 = Your reading generally was on target, with at least a few specific details, about the object and/or owner's life.

+4 = Your reading specifically was on target about the object and/or owner's life.

+5 = An incredibly accurate perception of the object and/or owner's life from beginning to end of reading.


1 Grassy field in the countryside.
2 There is laundry hanging outside.
3 Yellow flowers.
4 Moths, bees.
5 Pastoral


The owner of this object is a Caucasian, Catholic female born in 1958. She was raised and still lives in the Niagara region of Ontario. She is married with two sons and daughter (all currently in their 20s), and has a dog. She has worked in a variety of administrative jobs. She has travelled in North America. She reported having a variety of highly intuitive experiences in her life, including a religious vision.

This woman submitted a replica of a British Royal Family sapphire brooch. It was given to her by her youngest son in 2005 as a Christmas present, purchased from his place of employment. It is kept in a small cardboard box in a chest on the top of her dresser in her bedroom. She values the object because her son put a lot of thought into selecting it. The original brooch had been given to Queen Victoria. The son felt this was significant because it was given to the Queen on the day after his mother’s birthday. The first object this woman submitted for the Psychometry Experiment was lost in the mail (but luckily later retrieved), so she submitted the brooch instead.

Owner of object and experimenter found no correlation between what you perceived from the object and the object itself or the owner's life.


1 My first impression is that I am scared. This is creepy.
2 I don’t like this picture. I think it’s racist.
3 I feel sad.
4 I feel like there is a weight in the front of my face, forehead, nose area.
5 This is a pressure, not pain.
6 It feels like I am congested.
7 I see a queen bed in a bedroom with white walls.
8 It is shadowy in that room. The light is obscured.
9 My main feeling is of uneasiness. This is more of an emotion than something visual.
10 I am really uncomfortable.


The owner of this object is a Caucasian female born in Prince Edward Island in 1973 who resided in Ottawa, Ontario at the time of the experiment. She lived with her boyfriend in an apartment, and had one cat. She was finishing a university degree and working a retail job. She has travelled extensively across Europe, North America, and Japan. She reported having many psychical experiences in her life, namely having a strong sense of things that are about to happen.

The object she submitted was a pin of the baseball team the Cleveland Indians. She obtained the object in 1991 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and keeps it in a tin case (given to her by her deceased grandmother) on her bedroom dresser. It was given to her by her high school boyfriend who was popular at school. She was dating him and his parents did not approve of the relationship, forbidding him from seeing her again. Around this time, they had an argument and decided to take a few days break from each other. The day that happened, she felt ill – and had a horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen, but she didn’t know what. She went for a drive, and drove by a fatal automobile crash, witnessing the police covering the body. Soon after, the police notified her it was her boyfriend in the crash. He was killed and they gave her the pin he was wearing. Her boyfriend’s parents wouldn’t even speak with her at the funeral. To this day, she still feels his love.

Owner of the object found the general connection between this object and sadness, fear, unease and discomfort to resonate due to the circumstances. But no specific information on the object, circumstances, or owner's life came to light in this reading.


1 I see a wooden room
2 and green fabric.
3 There is somebody wearing a cardigan, but I cannot tell the gender.
4 This is a chubby person. I cannot see the head. It is as if my vision is cropped from the neck below.
5 I don’t think this object is used often or at all anymore.
6 I see a window with unusual glass in it.
7 like the glass is warped, it is not perfect.
8 Dental surgery - somebody is looking into somebody’s mouth
9 There is an extraction of a tooth
10 It is painless
11 The person (having the tooth pulled) is not responding
12 Baked desserts - cookies and pie
13 I see a swatch of velvet - dark - like black velvet
14 This is or was kept in a room off from the front entrance
15 There is diffused natural light in this room
16 There are tacky paintings in this room, like mass produced
17 They are maybe Biblical, landscapes or floral
18 Chickens living free range on the dirt, eating
19 A turkey
20 There is a body of water, stream or pond
21 The water is brown, but not opaque
22 But the house (where the object is kept) is not on that farm
23 I see a tractor
24 It is going around leisurely
25 The seat is outside (e.g. there is no cabin on the tractor)
26 I see snow
27 Eggs, cooking
28 Weeds
29 Draws the exterior of the house with weeds growing outside
30 Person who had this was comfortable, cozy and happy


This object was lent by a Caucasian male school teacher born in 1976, raised, and still living in the greater Toronto area. He was educated at Trent University, and then attended teacher’s college in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He lives with his girlfriend in a suburban house. He loves baseball, history and is a musician. He has not travelled much beyond Ontario. He has not had any paranormal experiences, although he has recently been active in volunteering to investigate them.

The object is a pipe that the man purchased at a novelty shop across from the Toronto Reference Library in 1996 or 1997. It was kept on top of a bookshelf, either beside or in a wooden case. The object is significant in its novelty. He and his friend, both smokers, each purchased the pipe as something different, thinking it would make them look sophisticated at bars and concerts. He used to relax and smoke the pipe while he was a student at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. His mother also enjoyed it when he smoked the pipe. He used Captain Black Tobacco when he smoked it. He even used the pipe as part of an attempt to stop smoking cigarettes.

Owner of the object confirmed that the pipe was kept in a room off of a front entrance. That room had stained glass in the window. It also was kept in a place that had a green futon. Aside from these details from the reading of the object, the owner felt the reading did not connect to the pipe or his life.


1 I see a lady with curly white hair
2 I see her from the chin down. She has a nice figure.
3 I feel kindness, genuinity, pleasantness
4 There are two other people - men - I cannot see their faces
5 They are sitting on creamy white sofas positioned in 90 degree angles
6 They are wearing suits that are tuxedo like
7 One man is 30
8 The other is in his 60s
9 The woman and two men are going to a gala or party - It is afternoon
10 They’re a bit “WASPY” - very white
11 They are Christian, but not overly Christian
12 There is a room with a column in it
13 It is an open concept house, and the column is like a support column
14 It is suburban looking
15 There is lots of natural light
16 Someone has a coughing problem - This may be an illness
17 I see a bleeding mouth - a woman’s bleeding mouth - reminds me of tuberculosis
18 This woman is different than the first woman I saw
19 I think she is dead - a long time ago
20 I feel heat - like this bottle gets hot - maybe it sits in direct sunlight
21 Or maybe there was a fire, but I don’t think so
22 I see a little bottle of potpourri on a coffee table or end table
23 I see an outside picnic with watermelon, a red and white table cloth with checked lines
24 There are flies, bees and snails
25 It is in a big meadow
26 I see something curly and organic (draws a picture) - might be a violin head
27 I think it is from a faraway continent
28 I see a map of Ontario. The lower half, north of Toronto to London to St. Catherines. Somewhere around Hamilton on the map is bolded.
29 I see apples, red and white apple blossoms
30 There is a black cauldron or pot
31 A spade shovel, rusted
32 It is leaning against the outside wall, which has wood slates, grey or blue
33 Fiddler crabs on a beach
34 It’s vacation, and a man and a woman are eating larger crabs on a beach
35 It seems hot and tropical
36 There is lettuce on a plate
37 I see a large wooden rocking horse
38 I see the mouth of the woman again - she is sick
39 A grey tombstone - 1945


This object was lent by a female of Chinese descent born in 1984 who lives on her own in a sixth floor condo in downtown Toronto. She graduated a few years ago with a university degree in the fine arts, actively shows her artwork, and works a retail job part-time. She has travelled through Europe, the U.S., China and Hong Kong. She has a boyfriend who does not live with her. She has not had any psychical experiences.

The object she submitted was a bottle of perfume with a dent in it. Her mother gave it to her one day, but she disregarded it because she does not wear perfume and she crammed it into her bathroom cupboard. One day, it fell out (thus the dent) and she found a note in the box that she hadn’t seen from her mother telling her she was so happy her daughter had grown into a woman. This was meaningful, because her mother is not the type of person who openly expresses such feelings. Also, the daughter had recently lost her virginity – and her grandmother had died around that time. Had the object not fallen out of the cupboard, it would never have had such meaning.

The only aspect of this reading that connected to the owner's life is that she grew up in Hamilton, Ontario (see line 28). Otherwise, there is no correlations between the object and the owner's life.