0 = There was nothing generally or specifically accurate in the participant's reading of the object. Correctly deducing or guessing one thing, such as the gender of the object's owner or how much/little the object was used, also did not count as that information could be obtained via 50/50 chance or by inspecting the object.

+1 = At least one specific thing (physical description or action) or a few general things (abstract or emotional) were accurate in the participant's reading of the object. Specific things would include accurate descriptions of something physical or an action. General things include more abstract or emotional concepts.

+2 = Several specific things were accurate in the participant's reading of the object. There may be some general things that accompany these specific things that are also accurate. Despite that, at least 50% of the reading was inaccurate, or the reading was too brief and lacked detail to determine it as being any more accurate.

+3 = Generally, the reading was on target. Several specific things were accurate as well as general accuracy. Generally, 25% to 40% of the statements made in the reading could be inaccurate or ambiguous.

+4 = The reading was overall on target. This would include general accuracy throughout the reading with less than 25% being clearly inaccurate statements, with an allowance for one or two ambiguities. Most importantly, several specific things were clearly accurate.

+5 = This would be a reading that was completely on target with a majority of statements being specifically accurate with an allowance for general statements as well. There would be no inaccuracies in the reading. Nobody scored this high in the Psychometry Experiment.


1 Person who owned this was left-handed
2 A person with a square face
3 Eyes more slanted than Caucasian
4 Dark hair
5 Slightly Oriental
6 The word “projects” comes to mind
7 Small wooden boats – models or full-sized
8 Impressions of where he lived: a place with a large white pole, like a flag-pole, but I don’t see a flag
9 A bicycle is related to this person
10 Might have had a pet; I can’t tell what it is
11 but it is light-coloured


This object was lent by a Caucasian male school teacher born in 1976, raised, and still living in the greater Toronto area. He was educated at Trent University, and then attended teacher’s college in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He lives with his girlfriend in a suburban house. He loves baseball, history and is a musician. He has not travelled much beyond Ontario. He has not had any paranormal experiences, although he has recently been active in volunteering to investigate them.

The object is a pipe that the man purchased at a novelty shop across from the Toronto Reference Library in 1996 or 1997. It was kept on top of a bookshelf, either beside or in a wooden case. The object is significant in its novelty. He and his friend, both smokers, each purchased the pipe as something different, thinking it would make them look sophisticated at bars and concerts. He used to relax and smoke the pipe while he was a student at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. His mother also enjoyed it when he smoked the pipe. He used Captain Black Tobacco when he smoked it. He even used the pipe as part of an attempt to stop smoking cigarettes.

It is true that the owner of the pipe is close to the two dogs owned by his girlfriend's family. One is a golden retriever; the other a golden doodle. The other aspects of this reading are not accurate. No further specific information on the object, circumstances, or owner's life came to light in this reading.


1 The letter D
2 Acquired when person was a child
3 The person who owns this has an issue with their heart
4 The person works with their hands
5 I see pinpoints – dark with pinpoints of light – it’s a symbol – I am told to assume that they like astrology
6 Periferal vision issue in right eye
7 Left side of mouth droops instead of goes up


The owner of this object is a Caucasian female born in Prince Edward Island in 1973 who resided in Ottawa, Ontario at the time of the experiment. She lived with her boyfriend in an apartment, and had one cat. She was finishing a university degree and working a retail job. She has travelled extensively across Europe, North America, and Japan. She reported having many psychical experiences in her life, namely having a strong sense of things that are about to happen.

The object she submitted was a pin of the baseball team the Cleveland Indians. She obtained the object in 1991 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and keeps it in a tin case (given to her by her deceased grandmother) on her bedroom dresser. It was given to her by her high school boyfriend who was popular at school. She was dating him and his parents did not approve of the relationship, forbidding him from seeing her again. Around this time, they had an argument and decided to take a few days break from each other. The day that happened, she felt ill – and had a horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen, but she didn’t know what. She went for a drive, and drove by a fatal automobile crash, witnessing the police covering the body. Soon after, the police notified her it was her boyfriend in the crash. He was killed and they gave her the pin he was wearing. Her boyfriend’s parents wouldn’t even speak with her at the funeral. To this day, she still feels his love.

The owner of the object did not find that this reading resonated for them, however, it is true that the owner of the object has very much been into astrology, even practicing it on occasion. The other aspects of this reading are not accurate. No further specific information on the object, circumstances, or owner's life came to light in this reading.


1 Worn on coat
2 The person is ambidextrous
3 They are right-handed, but they use their left hand for a lot of things
4 Multicoloured hair – more than one colour naturally
4b Blondish with browns, reds, black
4c Not salt and pepper grey, but blonde
5 Had issues with having children
5b Many miscarriages
5c I don’t know how many live births: I get the number one, but I have doubts; I think there might be more than one
6 I believe the person smoked


The owner of this object is a Caucasian, Catholic female born in 1958. She was raised and still lives in the Niagara region of Ontario. She is married with two sons and daughter (all currently in their 20s), and has a dog. She has worked in a variety of administrative jobs. She has travelled in North America. She reported having a variety of highly intuitive experiences in her life, including a religious vision.

This woman submitted a replica of a British Royal Family sapphire brooch. It was given to her by her youngest son in 2005 as a Christmas present, purchased from his place of employment. It is kept in a small cardboard box in a chest on the top of her dresser in her bedroom. She values the object because her son put a lot of thought into selecting it. The original brooch had been given to Queen Victoria. The son felt this was significant because it was given to the Queen on the day after his mother’s birthday. The first object this woman submitted for the Psychometry Experiment was lost in the mail (but luckily later retrieved), so she submitted the brooch instead.

Like the previous readings, every aspect except one very specific detail were not accurate. The specific detail of interest in this reading is that the owner of the object had serious issues with having children. Aside from that, no further specific information on the object, circumstances, or owner's life came to light in this reading.


1 Before I opened this, I got a funny feeling, like anticipation
2 The owner has terrible headaches through the center of their head
2b through their mouth
2c to their Adam’s apple
3 As much as the person feels calm today, there is also anxiety
3b There are two prominent people around the anxiety
4 I believe in the past, they fractured or injured left write at one time
5 This person likes the look of bracelets
6 I keep seeing a single eye. How should I interpret this? Like a single guardian or guide to the person who has not contact them.
7 This person could benefit from yoga. If they tried it, they should try again.
8 The inner eye and body chakras help the person’s gravity – I am not certain how
9 I see a white rose – a memory item that person likes.
10 The root of the headaches in an injury that person acquired
10b in their teens
10c at the bottom of their neck
10d The issue with headaches should be pursued. It is treatable.
11 This person may have issues with bottom teeth that need to be addressed.
12 This person is small – a petite bone structure.


This object was lent by a female of Chinese descent born in 1984 who lives on her own in a sixth floor condo in downtown Toronto. She graduated a few years ago with a university degree in the fine arts, actively shows her artwork, and works a retail job part-time. She has travelled through Europe, the U.S., China and Hong Kong. She has a boyfriend who does not live with her. She has not had any psychical experiences.

The object she submitted was a bottle of perfume with a dent in it. Her mother gave it to her one day, but she disregarded it because she does not wear perfume and she crammed it into her bathroom cupboard. One day, it fell out (thus the dent) and she found a note in the box that she hadn’t seen from her mother telling her she was so happy her daughter had grown into a woman. This was meaningful, because her mother is not the type of person who openly expresses such feelings. Also, the daughter had recently lost her virginity – and her grandmother had died around that time. Had the object not fallen out of the cupboard, it would never have had such meaning.

Again, this reading had a few very specific aspects amidst information that overall did not resonate to them. The owner found line 7 about yoga especially striking, and considers herself small with a petite bone structure (line 12). Although the owner did not find this resonated for her, it is worth noting that she often wears bracelets (line 5). Aside from that, no further specific information on the object, circumstances, or owner's life came to light in this reading.


1 I have a funny feeling from this. It’s a little freaky. The little hairs on the back of my neck are going up. I’m getting red flags. I’m feeling anxiety.
2 The person who owned these is dead or close to being dead.
3 Five people are prominent in their life, but only one is active in their life
4 There is something else with these: an item that looks like a flower. It might have been in the same place – a flower or rose or something similar. There are some inconsistencies with the design. If it’s supposed to be a rose, it doesn’t look like a rose.
5 There is a large window through which people gazed out.
6 They are not large accommodations
7 There is one large tree prominent on the property
8 There are two animals – one is a cat, but the other is not.
9 Maybe it’s a rabbit, but that feels like wishful thinking.
10 I see this eyeball shape – drooped downward – a sloppy look, like a sleepy eye.
11 May have had blue eyes.
12 Right handed.


This object was lent by a Roman Catholic housewife born in 1935. Originally from northern Italy, she has lived with her husband in Hamilton, Ontario since the late 1950s. She and her husband are retired, and own many rental properties for income. They are active in their cultural community, have three daughters and four grandchildren – three male and one female. They raise rabbits for food in their backyard, and have a garden. She is well-known in her family for her cooking, and serves very traditional rural, northern Italian dishes. She and her family have gone to resorts throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, but otherwise her travels have been limited to Canada and Italy.

She lent two small porcelain busts, one of a boy, the other of a girl. Made in Venice, they were given as a gift when her husband’s brother and his wife visited Canada in 1972. They are displayed on shelves in their living room with family photos and a few other mementos. The bust of the girl was broken when one of her grandchildren accidentally knocked it off a table where it was displayed in 1999. The woman interpreted this as a portent that her youngest daughter was dead – which never came true – and she was only relieved when her grandson confessed to breaking it. This story is a favourite in the family.

This reading follows the trend of the previous readings, pulling out a truly accurate and specific detail among more ambiguous statements. It is hard to accurately interpret many aspects of the reading, such as line 2 (owner is elderly, but near death?) and line 3 (active in her life are her husband and three daughters, plus two grandchildren - one of whom is especially active in her life - which could be interpreted as five people). Line 4 did not resonate, but lines 5 and 6 could be considered accurate, but line 7 is not. Lines 10 and 11 could be considered accurate, especially since the medication the woman uses makes her drowsy. However, her eyes are not blue, but she is right-handed (line 12). It is interesting that the participant mentioned a rabbit (a very specific and unusual thing to mention of anyone) - the woman and her husband do raise rabbits to eat, but they do not have a cat or pets.


1 Whoever this belongs to, it is a recent acquisition
2 It is a wall hanging – I assume it’s Jesus.
3 The person had a dog when they were a child.
4 In the recent past, this person took a trip to some place that has a canyon or valley
5 They are left handed
6 I see lilies, orchids and moths – this person might be fond of doodling pics of bugs – I don’t know why
7 Enjoys sleep
8 May have a weak right eye
9 I think they’re tall
10 Has an interest in plants – growing them, looking at them, drawing them
11 Looking at plants in books
12 I believe they keep a journal
13 The person is male


The owner is Chris Laursen, a Caucasian university student born in Alberta in 1974 who was living in downtown Toronto at the time of the experiment in an apartment by the harbour with an art student. He studies history, and is making this his second career after having worked in the media as a journalist and then administrator. He was working at a broadcasting association at the time, and was about to return to university to prepare for graduate school. He has travelled in North America, South America and Europe.

This object was purchased a few months prior to the Psychometry Experiment by Chris Laursen from eBay. The previous owner (who lived on Long Island, New York, and claimed to be a paranormal investigator, although this could not be verified) of the plaque contended that it was from a haunted house in Belmez, Spain, where in the 1970s faces inexplicably appeared on the floor (as if they were painted or drawn with charcoal). Laursen was sceptical that this object actually originated from this house, and thought it would be interesting to test it in the experiment to see what people would get from it.

This reading is the most accurate of the six. It is especially interesting because the participant revealed a few details about the object (line 1 - it was recently acquired) and moreso the experimenter and the artist with whom he lives. Line 3 is accurate. Line 4 is true in that he visited Nova Scotia the previous summer, including the Cape Breton Highlands and Annapolis Valley. Line 6 is interesting in that the artist has often doodled bugs and plants, although he was transitioning away from that at the time of the experiment. Plants are especially important to the experimenter and artist, as they have many in their home, and they enjoy them a lot. The artist has painted and drawn them. The artist used to keep sketch books around this time, not a journal (line 12), and the experimenter does not keep a journal. They are both male, and at 5'11" could be considered tall. However, both the experimenter and artist are right-handed (line 5), and neither have a weak right eye - or for that matter any problems with vision - the only completely inaccurate details in the reading. There is a combination of ambiguous and specifically acurrate details in this reading. It is interesting how details from the lives of two people who live together were intermingled in this reading.