0 = Nothing in your perception of the object was generally or specifically accurate.

+1 = One or two general things from your perception correlated with the object or owner's life.

+2 = Several specific things from your perception correlated with the object or owner's life.

+3 = Your reading generally was on target, with at least a few specific details, about the object and/or owner's life.

+4 = Your reading specifically was on target about the object and/or owner's life.

+5 = An incredibly accurate perception of the object and/or owner's life from beginning to end of reading.


1 Seems cheap
2 Sort of old, but not that old - maybe 50 years old
3 Used by a man
4 Used to smoke something other than tobacco sometimes
5 Hasnít been used in perhaps five years
6 Sentimental to former owner who is dead or incapacitated
7 This object has been on many moves of fairly long distances
8 The wear on the object has occurred fairly recently
9 Other people in the userís household werenít fond of this pipe, but owner didnít care
10 Used while reading intellectual non-fiction books, often about psychology but also sometimes about chemistry and physics
11 Object was used in the late evenings
12 User was an older man with a grey beard and glasses
13 Object was lost for several years and was found when family was packing to move
14 Was generally stored in metal box which was kept on a large, solid wood bookcase in a library in a large house made of brick


This object was lent by a Caucasian male school teacher born in 1976, raised, and still living in the greater Toronto area. He was educated at Trent University, and then attended teacherís college in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He lives with his girlfriend in a suburban house. He loves baseball, history and is a musician. He has not travelled much beyond Ontario. He has not had any paranormal experiences, although he has recently been active in volunteering to investigate them.

The object is a pipe that the man purchased at a novelty shop across from the Toronto Reference Library in 1996 or 1997. It was kept on top of a bookshelf, either beside or in a wooden case. The object is significant in its novelty. He and his friend, both smokers, each purchased the pipe as something different, thinking it would make them look sophisticated at bars and concerts. He used to relax and smoke the pipe while he was a student at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. His mother also enjoyed it when he smoked the pipe. He used Captain Black Tobacco when he smoked it. He even used the pipe as part of an attempt to stop smoking cigarettes.

There are a few interesting details in the reading of this object. It is true that the owner, a man, has smoked something other than tobacco in it, and the pipe has not been used for some years. There were people in his household who didn't like the pipe, but he didn't care. The pipe was also kept on top of a bookcase, but not in a metal box, nor in a library. The remaining details are inaccurate. But no further specific information on the object, circumstances, or owner's life came to light in this reading.


1 Older object, circa late 1800s
2 Worn by a woman to church most Sundays
3 Perhaps an Anglican church
4 Has been passed through several generations, sometimes as ďsomething blueĒ for a bride getting married
5 Somewhat valuable item
6 This is the first time the object has traveled very far - has usually stayed in the same small town
7 No one is sure who its original owner was, though it has remained in the same family for approximately 100 years
8 Has only been cleaned a few times
9 Object has some healing properties
10 Someone has thought of bringing object to Antiques Roadshow but hasnít actually done so
11 Current owner of object is close to death
12 An owner of the object in the past was a known psychic but was not generally seen as being eccentric
13 Kept in top back right corner of a tall oak dresser for a number of years
14 Never worn at Christmas
15 Has only been put in this case recently; used to be kept in a much fancier case


The owner of this object is a Caucasian, Catholic female born in 1958. She was raised and still lives in the Niagara region of Ontario. She is married with two sons and daughter (all currently in their 20s), and has a dog. She has worked in a variety of administrative jobs. She has travelled in North America. She reported having a variety of highly intuitive experiences in her life, including a religious vision.

This woman submitted a replica of a British Royal Family sapphire brooch. It was given to her by her youngest son in 2005 as a Christmas present, purchased from his place of employment. It is kept in a small cardboard box in a chest on the top of her dresser in her bedroom. She values the object because her son put a lot of thought into selecting it. The original brooch had been given to Queen Victoria. The son felt this was significant because it was given to the Queen on the day after his motherís birthday. The first object this woman submitted for the Psychometry Experiment was lost in the mail (but luckily later retrieved), so she submitted the brooch instead.

While it is true that this object is replicated from a brooch from the 19th century, the owner of object and experimenter found no correlation between what was perceived from the object and the object itself or the owner's life.


1 This object has often been ignored
2 Was not supposed to be used as a toy but sometimes a couple of children played with it in secret
3 This object has often been a topic of conversation at parties; people have wondered about its origins and its purpose
4 Owner has always been vague in his answers to these questions
5 Kept in a locked glass cabinet on a plate of some sort for at least a few years
6 Item has had only one owner
7 Owner owns a number of unusual objects that he has on display; he enjoys searching for unusual, purpose-unclear objects
8 but does not otherwise enjoy shopping


This was a ďcontrol objectĒ in the experiment, purchased by the experimenter, Chris Laursen, new from a shop that has good from around the world on Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. Once purchased, it was kept in the original bag and hidden away behind books in one of his bookshelves. It was only removed once the Psychometry Experiment commenced, at which point, it was stored on a shelf in boxes with all of the other objects used in the experiment. The idea was to see if those reading could perceive this was a control object in some way.

Although it is true that the experiment has a variety of object (which some may deem unusual) on display in his home, he is not really a collector. It is true that he generally does not enjoy shopping. The other points in the reading are, however, inaccurate. Experimenter found no correlation between what was perceived from the object and the object itself or the owner's life.


1 Fairly old; maybe from the 1950s
2 Owner never liked the smell
3 but held onto the bottle because it was a very special gift from her husband
4 She generally keeps this bottle hidden in the closet in the hallway upstairs
5 She occasionally would open the bottle to smell the perfume that so reminds her of George
6 This would make her happy and sad at the same time
7 Wasnít an item that she showed to other people
8 Considered it a quite personal gift
9 Reminders her also of France
10 She always dreamed of going there: it was never the right time or she didnít have the money
11 Dent on bottle has always been there (at least to her knowledge)
12 May have been dropped on the way to her receiving it
13 Owner is largely a sceptic


This object was lent by a female of Chinese descent born in 1984 who lives on her own in a sixth floor condo in downtown Toronto. She graduated a few years ago with a university degree in the fine arts, actively shows her artwork, and works a retail job part-time. She has travelled through Europe, the U.S., China and Hong Kong. She has a boyfriend who does not live with her. She has not had any psychical experiences.

The object she submitted was a bottle of perfume with a dent in it. Her mother gave it to her one day, but she disregarded it because she does not wear perfume and she crammed it into her bathroom cupboard. One day, it fell out (thus the dent) and she found a note in the box that she hadnít seen from her mother telling her she was so happy her daughter had grown into a woman. This was meaningful, because her mother is not the type of person who openly expresses such feelings. Also, the daughter had recently lost her virginity Ė and her grandmother had died around that time. Had the object not fallen out of the cupboard, it would never have had such meaning.

It is true that the owner never liked the smell, and it reminds her of France (where it was purchased). But the other points are not accurate. Owner of object and experimenter found no correlation between what was perceived from the object and the object itself or the owner's life.